Forth Coming

Javed Ali Live (MAR - APR 2019)

Kal Ki Yaadein

Gujarat Mahotsav (2016)



Aashiqui Tere Naam 2016


Devang Patel - Ghume Ano Garbo (2015)

His albums and compositions have tickled our laughing bones, his every action has made Amdavadis proud. It has been almost over two decades where Devang has attained his share of fame as singer, he has experimented with acting too in a couple of Gujarati movies and we don’t fail to tell you that this versatile artist is coming to USA to perform as a Dandiya King and make you do Garba Raas like nobody is watching you.

  • Ghume Ano Garbo (2015)

Festivals (2015)

Navaratri is celebrated with nine nights of dancing also known as Garba Raas and Dandiya Raas. During the festive season, we get you these scintillating singers who will be singing for you to dance in honor of the Goddess. With their melodious voices we make sure you can’t get enough unleashing Dandiya and Garba.